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Be real. Be you. Be Glameyou.

About US

Glameyou is above all a human adventure combining consulting and business coaching services.



Helping companies with their AML/KYC needs by selecting the best candidates based on their level of expertise and on their soft skills.

As the individual and well-being are at the heart of our concerns, our mission is to help each employee to find a balance between private and professional life.



What is important to us is:

  • The quality and excellence
  • The Authenticity
  • Taking action to achieve your goals
  • Perseverance to make you achieve your goals
  • To keep a positive attitude no matter what happens in your life
  • To develop the love of yourself
  • The communication
  • Humour to relax the mood
  • The non-judgement


Match making


Specialised in the field of Anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer, we offer consulting services to the entire financial industry (banks, management companies, insurance companies, law firms). The selected consultants are chosen according to your needs and your corporate values. Indeed, we strive to find the right balance between the level of expertise and the personality of the candidate adapted to the culture of your company.

Business coaching

Coaching in companies

Whether it is to solve a problem related to team management or a new function at work, through our customised coaching method, we assist each company in the implementation of strategies that will considerably improve the life of the company and its employees.

Life coaching

Individual coaching

Do you need advice for your new professional orientation? Are you facing stress at work (burnout) that is affecting your personal, family and/or marital life? Are you going through an identity crisis? We help you to clarify the situation and above all to find solutions to remedy it. We believe that in life, there are only solutions.

Individual coaching

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Meaning of Glameyou



« I consider life as a game. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. As long as you don’t reach the next level of a situation you are facing in your life, you will repeat the same game again. Once you have learned from it, you will reach out the next level of the game of your life »,
Nadine, founder



Look has the meaning of looking into yourself, into your heart, into your soul. By looking into yourself, you will discover what are the qualities you have inside of you and what are the sides of your personnality that can be improved.


Activity / Action

Comes from the latin word « activitas », derivative of activus (related to action « actus »). we spend too much time by dreaming about something or wishing to be better person but we don’t act. Thanks to our method of coaching, we will assist you to take real actions on the issue you wish to solve (shyness, relathionship issues, couples issues, the fear of something, the fear of a new job, getting retired, burnout issues, loosing weight, etc etc etc.).
It is time to act and be an actor of your life!

Me & you

Me & you

First I am good with myself to be able to open myself to you. The "you" can be your friends, your family, your colleagues, your children, your husband, your wife, your life partner, etc.
With our coaching, we support you to be more authentic and well with yourself, so you will shine both inside and outside in front of the world.